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so sweet~~~~~~~X) muacksss...
lonq time no update d^^''
SK'S OPEN HOUSE PARTY....... less jor...agnes,viv...
MR.JC♥MRS.JC bangkok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!happi PIGX...
MAdelynn & Jas0n birth 2010
waitinq f0r 30th JAN outg0ing^^ n0w at kailin's h...
she CHANGED... 0ur relati0nship CHANGE.. everythng...
gar wen's [ early ] birthday^^
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Written at Thursday, May 27, 2010 | back to top

so sweet~~~~~~~X)
lonq time no update d^^''
Written at Thursday, April 1, 2010 | back to top

today argued with Victoria .
sometimes she is really got a bit "guo fen "
just because me and Emilie wrote " victoria so noisy beside us "
and she angry with us . but are just kidding right ? ==

after that Emilie ady apologize to her in facebook , but she dint notice that and scold Emilie ! ==
these also nvm !
after tuition , me and Emilie go her house as usual .
but when we reached her house ,
she close the gate and lock the door dont let us in .
that time was 8pm ! so dark and she leave us outside !
what theee ..... tut !
speechless ~

luckily Emilie's father come fetch us ,
so i went Emilie's house overnight ..

Dinner ,
went dinner with Emilie and her family .
we went to eat bak kut teh .
and the waiteress was so funny !
she ask us want order what ,
she asked " want order mo gu gu anot "
then me and emilie was like , har ?! mo gugu ?!
hahahhaa LOL !

after that the waitress asked emilie's daddy wanrt add ice anot /
and she asked " oi mm oi jut "
we got the same responce too , har ?! jut ?!
Emilie's daddy still asked " jut what ? " hahahah !XDDDD
actually she want so say "sut "
it means ice in cantonese ! LMAO !

The end=)
Written at Saturday, February 27, 2010 | back to top


less jor...agnes,vivian.....
nin nia erh~~~
naughty la..take justine phone..[kena punch^^]

Written at Thursday, February 25, 2010 | back to top


happi PIGXD

MAdelynn & Jas0n birth 2010
Written at Friday, February 12, 2010 | back to top

[quite late to update tis d><]
sorli melvyn n thomas………………^^
Written at Thursday, January 28, 2010 | back to top

waitinq f0r 30th JAN outg0ing^^

n0w at kailin's h0useXDD


more ph0to...wait me ...[soon or later]
Written at Saturday, January 23, 2010 | back to top

she CHANGED...
0ur relati0nship CHANGE..
everythngs CHANGED!!!

wad makes u changed n being up site d0wn?
since tat day ....
last time de u w0nt say lai tat..
but n0w...wil..
last time gerh u less say bad word..
but now...yes..[mayb last time i didnt notice]
last tme gerh u is not lai tis..
but now..........EVERYTHIN CHANGED .......

i kn0w i t0ld u ,u wil angry...
if i nv tel u ..
u get m0re angry..
so i chosed t0 tel u!
i kn0w..
is my fault t0 ask u all t0 stay...
+ still ruin the wh0le board..
 kn0w u all very tired d0ing thse thing..
n i sh0uldnt ask u all t0 stay bak at day..
n wasting u all's PT time...

s0rry for started the conversation of argueing wif U!!!

we'r waiting the old xxxxxx bak...